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5 important ways to make your doors and windows more secure

To deter a burglar from getting into your home, Hendon & Finchley Locksmith recommends fitting your front door with the following:

  1. A good quality night latch - also known as an automatic rim latch lock.
  2. A five-lever mortice deadlock - always look for the British Standard Kitemark BS 3621.
  3. A letter box cage - this both prevents thieves using a tool to reach in and grab valuables or keys left in the hallway but also hinders their ability to tamper with the locks via the letter box.
  4. A peep-hole - this is an invaluable way to see just who is outside your door and their identity card before you decide whether or not to open the door to them.
  5. While a door chain can also allow you to screen visitor, Hendon & Finchley Locksmith advise you to not leave it on all day as it can also prevent help getting to you quickly in an emergency.

If you would like more information and advice be sure to give your locksmiths Finchley or locksmith Golders Green a call to arrange a visit and security consultation.

4 top ways to increase the security outside your home

Home security is not just about the front door! It's also really important to make sure that your garage, shed and any passageways outside your home are as secure as can be.

  1. Garages and sheds are a big temptation to burglars as they are so often full of expensive tools. Not only can these valuable items be stolen, they could also be used by thieves to break in to your home!
    What can you do? Firstly, make sure that your garage door is tough and solid and fitted with quality locks. Keep your garage windows and doors firmly shut and locked at all times, especially if it is one of those garages with a door that leads into your house.
  2. Prevent would-be thieves from climbing over and into your garden by putting up a sturdy fence or planting a prickly hedge. Keep hedges and shrubs in the front garden low so that they don't provide cover for a burglar to hide behind while trying to get in.
  3. If you have a side gate be sure to invest in a strong and good quality padlock that can't be breached with a kick or a simple opportunistic blow.
  4. Burglars like to get in and out quickly without be seen or heard. A gravel driveway or path can be a cheap way to put off a burglar as it prevents them from approaching your property quietly.

Just call 020 8090 3458 and our locksmith Finchley can come and help you find the best ways to secure your property.

Don't forget to secure your back door!

There's no point putting all your eggs in one basket by putting all your efforts into securing the front door and forgetting the back. Think about fitting your back door with the following:

When in doubt give your locksmith Hendon a shout.

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